Fat Joe Will Be Your Host For BET’s Hip Hop 2022 Awards Show

Fat Joe

It surprised many that rap staple Fat Joe will be this years host the Hip Hop Awards on BET. But, if these same people who are shocked that Fat Joe is the host of an awards show, which is typically given to comedians…shock would not hit them if they have been following Fat Joe’s evolvement.

Fat Joe is now 57 years old, so such a move for him to host an awards show is a transitional move. However, there are many not happy with the move of BET to select the rapper to host their Hip Hop Awards show. One Twitter user, Mike Morris wrote:

“All these Black people you could of chose to host the bet awards but someone in the room said let’s get fat joe to host lmao wtf. That’s not our guy we wanting hosting the bet hip hop awards.”

BET announcing Fat Joe of this year’s host for the 2022 Hip Hop Awards show is just to stir the pot of controversy even more after the rapper said Latino’s were creators of hip hop.

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