50 Cent Says He Chooses Nicki Minaj To Do A Romantic Comedy With

50 cent and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj may not be in our face on the entertainment scene as before, but she no doubt has her ear to the block. 50 Cent who is blazing through show business was asked who he would do a romantic comedy with, and shockingly he said Nicki Minaj.

It’s not imaginable in seeing that working out as Nicki has always come across the argumentative, aggressive, irritable, woman that can get overwhelming annoying. There is a shortage of men looking for such a woman as their catch. 50 Cent was quick to say why Nicki was his choice for a romantic comedy, saying:

I kind of understand her a little bit more than other people. I mean she does sh*t. I’m looking, she is tougher in being like this…but she is being an a**hole, because she is telling you  you’re not going to take advantage of her. She’s going don’t play with me before you play with her.

You know what I’m saying? because of how the temperament of the environment and how people are where we come from.

It cannot be imagined over here of 50 Cent and Nicki in a romantic flick, but 50 having a movie created for the argumentative, non stop hair flocking rapper is a possibility. But, would it be a success?

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