Avatar 2 Is Getting Closer And Closer To Our Reality

avatar 2 is coming

Avatar was great. The special effects, story lines and out of the box on-screen moments that made you wonder how the director’s mind zoned into what many of our minds would not visualize is coming back in a sequel to make you wonder some more. Director, James Cameron, the man behind the making of the movie looks to be gearing up to blow our minds again.

One of the amazing part of the news of Avatar 2 being around the corner in coming to the big screen to us is that a third sequel is also being made as well. Looks like a Pirates Of The Caribbean type of situation where sequels are being shot at the same time. Then, the work is banked and then just scheduled for a release date.

The sequel to Avatar said to be named: Avatar: The Way of Water will according to reports will have its first trailer as Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is set to play for its audience. All this goes down on May 6th.

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