Backlash Mounting On Mel Gibson’s New Movie, “Force Of Nature”

Mel Gibson In Force Of Nature

Mel Gibson is heading back to the big screen with a new movie, but its not getting a whole lot of love. The movie, Force Of Nature with a story line which focuses on the arrival of a hurricane, and Gibson’s character refusing to leave as he is forced to do so by white officers sets the show-down.

Gibson whose movie often spark major interest in the mass running to see is getting a lot of negative feedback this time round. Puerto Ricans are ticked off at Force of Nature for their representation of them, and then having the day saved by white people.

Force of Nature hit another sensitive bone for Puerto Ricans as it was not too long ago where they faced Hurricane Maria. Looks like Hollywood once again have made that mistake in making a trailer of a movie to circulate as bad times are still fresh in the minds of many. Hurricane Maria which occurred in 2017 is still fresh for Puerto Ricans as if he happened yesterday. We captured some of the fire Force Of Nature has been receiving…below are a few of them:

Force Of Nature backlash

And another said this:

Force Of Nature backlash

Check out the trailer of Force Of Nature below many are having issues with: