Bad Boys 3 In Production Has Many Excited

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in photo pre-bad boys 3 movie production celebration

Bad Boys 3 is on, and production has begun, but it’s difficult for us to balance our feelings on this sequel. It’s exciting to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back together. Dj Khaled and Vanessa Hudgens are new additions to Bad Boys 3. Dj Khaled will be staring in his biggest movie to date. We only know Khaled from his small role in Pitch Perfect. A movie that is nothing close to the ranking of the Bad Boys 3 franchise.

Is it bad that we wish for Khaled’s minimal role in this movie? We think it is more honest to speak the truth. Dj Khaled, a rookie in the movie business of acting only needs to get his feet wet on this one. It would be sad for one man to destroy the movie with bad acting. Vanessa Hudgens who is a better mark but not a convincing actress. It’s been years fans have been waiting for a sequel to Bad Boys 2. We just don’t need supporting actors bringing the demise to a movie.

Filming for Bad Boys 3 began this month. There has been much excitement on set, so much so actors are posting on social media on the film. Let’s just hope Martin and will lives up to the hype that is surrounding their movie. Bad Boys 3 certainly will be under pressure to bring in big financial numbers at the Box Office. As the film hits theaters- it’s expected to knock whatever movie is #1 at the Box Office to number #2.

There is certainly a lot of pressure for Bad Boys 3 to not just do well at the Box Office. Presence on the movie charts should be important for Will and Martin. We cannot wait to see what Martin and Will have in store for us. Especially Martin with his humor. It’s been a long time since we seen Martin on the big screen.

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