Beyonce DID NOT Sign $100 Million Dollar Deal With Disney In Circulating News


There are news circulating that Beyonce signed a Disney deal for $100 million. Well, it turns out that the reported deal is false. This whole Disney deal and Beyonce is a lie. So, the talks stretching from one end to the other that Beyonce was close to put pen to paper in signing a massive deal with Disney is just rubbish. From The YBF:

Naturally, the BeyHive went crazy and was uber excited about the potential projects. However, another outlet claims they spoke to Bey’s rep and that the rumor is NOT true. Hollywood Unlocked reported they spoke to a rep in Beyoncé’s camp and they confirmed the rumor is false and didn’t provide any further details.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because The Sun reported this same story about Beyoncé inking a multi-million deal with Disney back in August 2019.

The thought the Beyonce’s alleged deal with Disney now prove to be all lies including her working on a track for Black Panther’s sequel…even seemed odd. How would she fit in the mix of all that is happening in Black Panther. If you have seen Black Panther- you would not see an easy position of chemistry where Beyonce would fit in without disrupting the highly grossing franchise.

Thoughts? Would you want to see Beyonce as part of the Black Panther franchise ?