Black Adam Predicted As A Failure

Black Adam

Black Adam is set to hit theaters tomorrow, but the superhero style movie is not getting that warm fuzzy expectations. The movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Black Adam is said to be tiring to watch, forgettable and viewed as not having much of meat in that of a storyline is already seen as a failure by Rotten Tomatoes.

As Dave Chappelle once showed though, and that is-critics don’t break or make the success of a project. The audience and fans do. And, lets remember again that Dwayne Johnson is the star of the movie. How many failures at the box office has he had. I believe given what kids are into, and the state of the world where a superhero like figure is wished on by many…Black Adam is a refreshing movie to see right now.

Have you seen Black Adam? Tell us what you thought of the movie.

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