Coming 2 America Here Just In Time For The Holidays On Amazon Streaming

Coming 2 America still shots

Coming 2 America will be coming real soon for the holidays. If you have Amazon streaming(Prime Video) then you are in luck. Amazon Studios made the wise move to acquire the rights to the highly anticipated sequel starring Eddie Murphy.


Jeff Bezos‘ company reportedly dished out a whopping $125 million dollars to Paramount Pictures¬† for the rights to the sequel of the 1988 film. Streaming for Coming 2 America is said to be ready for streaming just in time for Christmas.

The set date is said to be December 18th when you can begin watching what many are on the edge of their seats waiting for. Reportedly, Eddie Murphy who was not just an actor in the film but also a producer is said to have been in agreement for his latest installment in the franchise to be sold off to Amazon Studios. Looking very much like the 30 years older crew- still shots of the Coming 2 America returning case is making its rounds….

Update: Coming 2 America Amazon says will stream on their platform on March 5, 2021.

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