“Coming To America 2” In Pre-Production Says Eddie Murphy

“Coming To America 2” sequel is happening, and Eddie Murphy, the star of the film says so. If you liked “Coming To America,” then you would be interested in seeing what Eddie has in store for us when it comes to the sequel. It was just years ago on Twitter Eddie had us on the edge of our seat leaving us to believe that there was a “Coming To America 2” set to arrive in our lives again, but we had doubts with all the Hollywood politics. But, according to Eddie Murphy, “Coming To America 2” is in pre-production.

Eddie Murphy speaking on the sequel to the 1988 film said that after many years of anticipation- he is thrilled that “Coming To America 2” is officially moving forward. It’s been a long-time since Eddie Murphy came out with a solid movie to the big screen without the gimmicks. We wondered if all the millions being deposited in his account, and the lifestyle he has been living has gone to his head, which placed him out of touch with the public in what funny is today.

“Coming to America 2” is set to be written by “Black-ish” creator Keyna Harris. A good way to round up the staff for this sequel from the get go as “Black-ish” has been a hit show with a run off show “Grown-ish” being created. A home run hit for sure to have someone as Kenya Harris on the team of “Coming To America 2.” We expect that “Coming To America 2” will be the biggest draw in movie goers to Eddie Murphy’s big screen showing in years. It’s said that the cast from “Coming To America” are set to return in the sequel. So far all signs point to a film that has a high chance of success at the Box Office.

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