Dolemite Is My Name Official Movie Trailer Is Here

Eddie Murphy is working hard these days. He is currently working on the Coming To America, and then he hits us with Dolemite Is My Name. It’s as if he is just getting on the movie screen. We haven’t see this must action from Eddie involved on the big screen for a long time. It’s been a long, long time since Eddie Murphy had a good quality movie.

He is a legend in Hollywood from his movie career. But, the reality is just that Murphy has not produced any good work for a long time on the big screen. It’s as if he go lazy with creativity and humor. “Dolemite Is My Name might just put him back on the map as an actor that cannot be easily touched when it comes to talent. Dolemite Is My Name is packed with some well known talents which seems to fit just right in with this project….check out the trailer below: