Hollywood Sending All Its 2021 Movies To HBO Max Streaming Service

hbo max and warner bros

If you have HBO Max then you are in luck. Warner Bros has opted out of solely making their 2021 movies available only to the theatres, The big wigs behind Warner Bros is clearly in touch with reality as they are not willing to just assume that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over as vaccines are said to be available.

Warner Bros clearly has decided that having their eggs in two baskets is safer than having it in one.  HBO Max is the lucky recipient of receiving a copy of Warner Bros 2021 movies to stream on their platforms. As a result of news put out by Warner Bros on Thursday- stocks went tumbling for you favorite movie theatres such as             AMC (down 14%), Cinemark (down 17%), and IMAX (down 7%).

The move which is being labelled as an experiment may just knock the movie business out of business. Would you be willing to go to the movie theatre, and $30 to see a movie and eat over-priced ? The one month streaming project set to begin December 25th, but will remain in theatres. If you are still debating on whether on if you should sign up for HBO Max or not- know this…Matrix 4. Matrix 4 is just one of the big movies set to launch on the streaming platform as it is also in the theatres.

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