Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer Is Here

Hotel Transylvania 4

If you liked the other 3 movies then you will probably like the fourth installment of Hotel Transylvania. Get ready for your kids to drive you crazy as soon as this movie comes On Demand. The re-watching of the movie is sure to drive you up the wall. Did you know that although Adam Sandler is not the creator of the Hotel Transylvania franchise that he did have some serious influence in the franchise’s creation.

Yes, Sandler although has made some crappy movies for a long time manage to knock it out the park in launching Hotel Transylvania to success The comedian was co-writer on the first two movies. With Sandler’s creative mind in the success of Hotel Transylvania to date…there is a wonder as to how well the fourth installment will be. Sandler did not punch his card on the fourth installment of Hotel Transylvania.

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