Hustlers Trailer Based On Real Life Story Is Here

Hustlers trailer is here, and it maybe the most genuine film Jennifer Lopez has shot in a long time. The truth maybe stretched a bit, but the Hustlers is based on the true story. The true story of men being swindle for thousands of dollars. Jennifer Lopez plays the real life Samantha Barbash. Barbash was a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York city, and the ring leader scammed mostly men who were married and worked on Wall Street.

The common routine was done to the men as men try to do to women to sleep with them. The women in real life and in the movie seduced men to their location, and then dosed them up with liquor, Ecstasy and drugs and then stole wads of cash from them. Barbash reportedly was so good at her job as a stripper that many in the business wanted to work with her.

Seeing this opportunity- Barbash gathered some strippers and dances to lure men to specific locations for some fun with the plan of getting them drunk on liquor and high on drugs. Then robbing them. Hustlers will tell the real life story of the accounts. The movie is a shift from Lopez’s routine romantic comedy movies. Cardi B makes her first big screen debut on a serious level.

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