It’s Time Liam Neeson Hangs Up His Action-Acting Career And He Understands This

Liam Neeson

It was not too long ago that my girlfriend and I were talking about Liam Neeson still playing that guy, which beats up everyone and saves one’s life or the day. My partner expressed her thoughts that its time for Neeson to hang up the gloves and refrain from playing bad guys in his moving. He is too old she said. The thought was explained that Neeson is not believable anymore as an action hero at his age. She said, look at him- he can barely walk. Give it up already.

It is almost as if Neeson heard my partner’s cries, because he is now realizing the time has come for him to move away from the action films. Touching on his roles as an action hero, Neeson said:

“I started being offered all these action script. And I’m going, ‘Wow. The lead is 29 years of age.'”

Realizing the reality now, he says:

“I think the action movies will draw to a close — they have to. Audiences aren’t stupid, you know. They’re gonna go, ‘Oh, f— this guy, Liam Neeson. He’s got to be 71, 72, 73…’ I’ll stop at some stage.”

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