Men In Black: International Is Here But No Will Smith

men in black: international movie poster

This Men In Black: International movie came out of nowhere. As much as it appears exciting- all we kept looking for was Will Smith. Looks like the “M.I.B” franchise is taking a new leaf away from Will Smith. In doing this, they must bring it hard to the big screen in delivering a convincing position of the new Men In Black. Who knew a new M.I.B movie was in the works as we watched the trailer.

Chris Hemsworth, best known for his movie role as Thor we hope can carry this sequel to success. Liam Neeson appearing in “Men In Black: International”  is sure to bring some credibility to this sequel. Neeson is known for selecting good movie roles. Even more, Neeson appears to often make others on the big screen better actors- and so we are hopeful of this M.I.B sequel being a hit.

We are hoping that actors in the movie like Hemsworth can reach deep down inside and bring out that convincing agent we need to see on the big in bringing those devilish aliens to justice.
We can just picture many banging out the words…why is Will Smith not in the new Men In Black Movie. Will Smith has been occupied in working on Bad Boys 3 with Martin Lawrence. It is possible that the scheduling of M.I.B and Bad Boys 3 conflicted with Will’s time-table to not be available for the latest installment of Men In Black, which he made a solid foundation to be to where it is today.

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