Movie Review: Birds Of Prey; Mild Entertainment And Not Worth Your Hard Earned Dollars

Birds Of Prey

The reviews for Birds Of Prey has been coming in as positive online, but yet the bombing of the movie is in full swing at the Box Office. I couldn’t understand the difference. What was happening was not adding up, so I had to go see the movie for myself. Now, my review for Birds Of Prey. The Box Office bombing of the movie is indeed accurate. I wouldn’t rank the movie as horrible. I have seen worse.

But, I would say that your hard earned money can be better spent somewhere else than on Birds On Prey. The movie struggled with its humor. The movie fell flat on its comedic takes with the audience, and let me not start on the story line now.

I can account for two outburst of laughter during the entire movie. Even the act of changing the name of the movie from Birds Of Prey to Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey to boost the Box Office numbers couldn’t help the movie. There is no way of coming back from a bad story-line, and this was clear in Birds Of Prey.

Just the part of everyone looking to kill Harley Quinn, because she Broke up with Joker and seen as without his protection doesn’t make sense. Love can still be there between two people, and in Birds Of Prey there was no shown tension of hate between Harley Quinn and Joker. So, why wouldn’t he be there for her if she is in need of his help? How can Quinn’s enemies make such an assumption that Joker is not there for should she need him.

Then there are scenes in the movie where you have Quinn taking down a slew of men all by herself. Everything else that unfolds in the movie doesn’t add up. It’s unbelievable. The playback of what happened in the past for why what is happening in the present instilled in the movie was quite annoying. My ending thoughts…Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey is only worth your time if you’re trying to burn time for a bigger purpose. Wait for it to come out on Dvd or HBO. It’s just not worth your hard earned money.