Review For The Crappy Suicide Squad Sequel

The Suicide Squad

If you haven’t seen the latest installment of Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad then consider yourself lucky for having not sitting through even 10 minutes of the movie. The sequel to the first film starring Will Smith was horrible.  Shows to go how the star listed for a movie can turn it for the best or worse.

Sadly, there were some glimpse of hope that Idris Elba would maintain the success of The Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, Elba doesn’t have good taste in quality, because The Suicide Squad is crap. Just a talking shark onboard in the movie on the squad to fight against evil is enough to walk out of “The Suicide Squad.A hero to save the day who shoots fire, and has impeccable shooting aim is more tolerable to watch than a talking shark which is in The Suicide Squad sequel.

Lets not even talk about the bad acting. It is far from believable. “The Suicide Squad” is so bad that it is not even worth the time to watch even in boredom. The sequel is something that the government can use to torture its enemies. The Suicide Squad is so bad that I could not even watch it to the half way point. I couldn’t even bring myself to complete the movie. The big wigs should have just waited for Will Smith.

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