Trailer: “What Men Want” Remind Us Of Something

actress taraji P.  henson

What Men Want if you watch the trailer closely or even loosely, you will see it’s a copy of Mel Gibson’s What Women Want. If you are a movie buff- you will quickly come to the realization that you have seen something similar to What Men Want. I cannot say I am excited to see this movie or that I will go to the thetres to see it. It looks predictable, and a movie where Taraji P. Henson is trying too hard to make the movie a success.

I watched the trailer, and immediately realized that this movie is a cop to Mel Gibson’s 2002 movie where he was able to here the thoughts of women, and capitalized on it for his own gain. You can just imagine what his own gain would have been. Just guess the base men are quickly trying to rush to with women. Below is Mel Gibson’s 2002 movie trailer for What Women Want

Thoughts ?