“Uncut Gems” Rises Adam Sandler From The Dead In A String Of Horrible Movies


Uncut Gems just maybe the movie that sees Adam Sandler shine in the eyes of many who believed that the actor had fallen off from a string of bad movies. Sandler not only selected the right script this time, but he also brought some serious acting chops in Uncut Gems.

The movie which features former NBA player Kevin Garnett sees Sandler taking on a more serious role. The comedian plays the role of Howard Ratner, a jeweler with a gambling addiction- which proves throughout the movie to get him into continuous trouble with some bad people. The reviews for Uncut Gems as all movies varies, but movie critics who often move the crowds gave the Sandler’s latest movie an A+ on Rotten tomatoes.

The markings for movie-goers doesn’t fare as well for the film, the ratings are coming mostly as a C+. I have seen the movie, and will say that it’s a pass. Not a great movie, but enough to fill your stomach of being satisfied of what you just took in. You have your drama. Your laughs, and your twist in Uncut Gems.

Even more, Kevin Garnett a surprising piece to the movie. Who knew you can place a big man standing at 6’11 to fit in just right in the movie with some believable acting chops. I don’t want to give it away, but lets just say I can see a sequel to “Uncut Gems” happening. You need to see the movie, and watch from beginning to end to see the possibility.