Why We Don’t Want Idris Elba As Next James Bond

Idris Elba as James Bond

The trend has begun for Idris Elba to be the next James Bond. But, Tealisted will not jump on the band wagon to vote for Elba as the new James Bond. Have you all seen Suicide Squad. Well, that was crap- and Elba’s acting chops could not save the movie if his career depended on it. You can love him physically all you want with that choreographed eye squint that gets you every time, but Elba is not way has the skills to convinced us he is 007.

Our dislikes for Elba as the choice for James Bond:

Elba’s walking style. Not enough to disguise him as no 007.

Eye Squinting. Although controlled by the actor as he believes its sexy…we cannot get this out of our minds as his signature move- which disqualifies him in our mind as the next James Bond

Elba is 49 years old, and although black don’t crack as we say- he doesn’t look young and convincing as someone to chase down criminals

Elba’s demeanor is not convincing either. He looks like a man to talk things through rather than take down a criminal in convincing fashion.

Oh, what movie again was Elba starring in again as the leading star which killed it at the Box Office?

Again, let’s not forget that horrible, horrible movie, Suicide Squad Elba starred in and should have carried to success.

We rest our case.



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