Will Smith On Why He Turned Down Matrix Role

Not many know, but Will Smith was the first thought before Keanu Reeves to play as Neo in the Matrix. We cannot imagine Will Smith as Neo as Keeanu Reeves played the part so well that is still memorable to this date. The Matrix, created by the Wachowski brothers went on to be a HUGE hit world wide, earning $463, 517, 383.

Singer Ciara even created a Matrix Dance after the movie(move below by Ciara). Why Will Smith turned down the Matrix ? Essentially, as Will puts it- the concept presented to him by the Wachowski’s was just not clicking with his reality that he passed on the Matrix and went on to do a bad movie called Wild Wild West.

It all turned out great for us as Will says because he feels that he would have made the Matrix suck if he was apart of it. Will gave us some news which we never knew…Val Kilmer was sought as Morpheus if he, Will had signed on to do the movie. Listen to Will explain everything below:

Below check out the impact the Matrix has had on the world…