You Need See “The Forever Purge” If You Haven’t As Of Yet

The Forever Purge

If you haven’t seen the latest Purge movie, you need to. The Forever Purge is a heavy as the latest entry in the Purge franchise. Yes, I just saw it. Better now than never, right ? Anyways, the movie I can tell will not be a waste of your valuable time. It starts off a bit slow, but it picks up and then you are on a ride of being glued to your seat of what will happen next.

The latest sequel in the franchise displayed situational cases where individuals were saying the purge was over while presenting themselves as cops as they arrested people only to do the unfortunate, Kill. This part I didn’t lie as part of the game that is aired out with a clear set of rules for everyone to follow by. Deceiving others of the rules to kill them should warrant consequences by authorities in the film.

Have you seen The Forever Purge? Did you like it ?

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