Beenie Man Defends His Crown With “One King” Tune

Everything in music has a meaning to it. So does the movies, but that is for another time. Jamaican artist, Beenie Man known highly on the music scene for 25 years appear to have had his ego affected when Vybz Kartel declared himself as the king of dance-hall music. Beenie Man has always declared himself the king of dance-hall in his songs. Correction: according to Beenie Man(Beenie)- it was BET and Africa who declared him the king of Jamaican dance-hall music, and he took the crown and ran with it.

He then began calling himself “the king of the dance-hall.” Since then- many have been reaching for Beenie’s crown. Incarcerated dance-hall deejay, Vybz Kartel made it known that he is now the king of dance-hall, and said that the only other king he knows of is Burger King. Beenie has been defiant in defending his crown speaking on all his hit songs, and Grammy win. Beenie on being crowned the king of dance-hall said:

When I get crown there was no debate,” he said. There was nobody saying ‘no he is not the king of dancehall’ or you know that person should be the king of dancehall. There was no debate, off hand, Beenie Man is the King of Dancehall.

The tune, One King was released making it known by Beenie. There can only one King Of The DanceHall, and it’s him. Beenie Man makes it known that no one in the music arena has over-taken him. Beenie appears to be saying to anyone challenging for his crown can only do this once they grab a Grammy.