Buju Banton In Performance Reflects On The Hell The United States Government Unfairly Put Him Through

Buju Banton

Reggae artist Buju Banton wasted no time to get back to his God given talent once released from an American prison. The world wide known artist displayed what we are to expect from him going forward. That is clarification on his arrest in what was said to be a cocaine bust by United States official.

In one of his performance since being released from a U.S. prison and deported to his native country, Jamaica…Buju touched on his case at the 13:40 mark. He clearly is calling lies on what the U.S. government says was Buju selling a mas amount of drugs and was arrested. Seemingly addressing those he believed set him up to be arrested for their own agenda, Buju addressed them in part of his lyrics saying:

Right through the gates of hell, when those wretched souls..they live a life of evil. Totally out of control. tormented souls,tormented soul…go away, go away from me.

Buju served 7 years in an American prison on drug charges. He was released in December 2018 and immediately sent back to Jamaica. Many believed the drug charges and prison time given to Buju were all created by the secret backing of the gay community as revenge against Buju.

He had a song that called for the killing of gay men. Despite Buju apologizing for his lyrics years ago- this reportedly was not enough for the gay community. The gay community allegedly wanted Buju to make an acceptance song for them, and a concert in support of them. This was reportedly denied by Buju.

With his apology already given- Buju is said to have seen that as enough to move forward.  The gay community not easily forgiving is rumored to have Buju pay hard; hence the conspiracy of his arrest on drug charges and prison sentence beginning 2011 to 2018.

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