Halle Berry’s Wet Tank Top At 53 Years Old Today And She Wants You To Know…

…that she is still hot braless. Can you believe Halle Berry is 53 years old now. Halle jumped into a white tank top with no bra on, and drenched it with water. Strangely, she actress provided a gift to all those google eyed men on her birthday when it’s the birthday girl that does the receiving. Halle made sure to make it known to those who maybe slow by having the words No Bra Club on the tank top as she posed in the soaked top.

The 53 years old actress appear to want to show that at 50 years old her breast are standing pretty firm for their age. Halle so generous made sure to make sure her hands were not blowing the view of all those who fancy her or just coming to know her from soaked tank top shot. Halle is no stranger to revealing her assets. On the The Late Late Show With James Corden- Halle responding to questions on whether she is half naked in her home naturally or whether it’s just for photo on social media. The movie star surprisingly says she is naturally half naked in the home, saying:

I do it all the time. It’s fine.

James Cordon that responded:

Topless egg frying?


Yeah. Men can do it all the time. Why can’t women.

The breast maybe present, but Halle is not as hot as she once used to be. She has lost a lot of weight to the point where you can see her bones.

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