Kim Kardashian’s Skims Line Made More Sales In Minutes Than Spanx Did In A Year

They say the rich just keeps getting rich, and this saying is proving right for Kim Kardashian. The reality star who became famous off of a sex tape has capitalized very well in shooting herself to fame and riches. Kim launched a shape-wear line called SKIMS, and it did a killing in minutes, raking in a whopping $2 million dollars.

Kim’s SKIMS is being compared to Spanx-which reportedly made $4 million in its first year out as to where SKIMS made $2 million in minutes of sale beginning. We have to say that anyone comparing Spanx to SKIMS is not fair. Lets remember, Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx did everything from the ground up on her own in getting Spanx started.

She was not well known like Kim Kardashian with a massive following on social media and a team behind her. Blakely also didn’t have a celebrity boyfriend with a fashion mindset. Surely Kim is getting some input from husband, Kanye West. Congrats for Kim, but not fair to compare Spanx sales to SKIMS. SKIMS success was so well in sales that they need a quick restock of products. They have almost depleted their entire inventory. People rushed Kim’s website for SKIMS like it was the last night of Christmas shopping that the website crashed. You can go over to Cosmopolitan to see the try outs of SKIMS.