Wendy Williams Reveals In Interview With Andy Cohen That She Knew Husband’s Double Life Before Pictures Circulated

When the blogs circulated news of Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter allegedly running around on her with another woman- Wendy was quick to say then that their marriage was good. As the blogs reported the news of her Hunter reportedly cheating on Wendy with a woman years younger than her- Wendy tried to discredit the blogs by denying the claims. Wendy made it as though all the drama reported on involving infidelity in her marriage was all crazy talk by the blogs and other entertainment outlets. Andy Cohen in a recent interview with Wendy asked the drama queen:

When you were in the middle of the heat, and I know you are still in it a little bit. But, when the Daily Mail was all over you every single day, and all over your ex specifically- and saying he was living this secret life and stuff and you’re going in and doing your show- and you are doing doing Hot Topics..how hard was that for you not to respond to what was going on and what you were going through?

Wendy’s response:

Very difficult, and I will shout out to Meril, my make-up artist. Covering my puffy eyes. Yeah, he’s been with me since my six week sneak peak. You know, I would come in and my eyes would be puffy from crying. I would do the show.


Was there apart of you that wanted to respond to it?


I knew that I would, but I had to get my ducks in a row. I knew a lot of things for years.

When asked by Cohen if she knew of the double life of her husband for years, Wendy was vague in saying again that she knew a lot of things for years. Wendy seemingly cites her son who was living at home with her at the time of the marriage drama as apparently one of the reasons why she didn’t pull the trigger on her marriage.

Wendy goes into explaining the time she connected with Kris Jenner, and the Kim Kardashian- which shocked many.