Khloe Kardashian Goes Into Why Her 18 Month Old Has Not Been Baptized As Yet

Khloe Kardashian and her sisters were on the Real, and the trio went into the topic of baptism. Yes, I know…the family that is so highly sexualized speaking about baptizing their children and two sisters reminiscing of the time they were baptized. It is the world we live in- religion often frequently is not connecting in how one should carry themselves.

Sex tapes, and a long reported action of jumping from men to men, and often revealing outfits of their assets- one would never stop think for a moment the Kardashians hold religion close to their hearts. Khloe being the missing one who has not baptized her child revealed on The Real why she has not as yet, saying:

I want to. I felt she was just too young to take her this time. But, I definitely want to baptize her. I just don’t know when I want to do. Just be the right time and the right place.