YouTuber Gets Prison Sentence For Prank On Homeless Man

A Spanish YouTuber going by the name ReSet whose real name is Kanghua Ren was sentenced to 15 months in prison by a Spanish court for a Oreo filled tooth paste prank on a homeless man. Ren following the order from one of his YouTube subscriber essentially daring him to do the prank- filled an Oreo cooking with toothpaste and gave it to a homeless man. The homeless man Ren had given the cookie to ended up vomiting. Ren was aware that what he had done was wrong, as he offered the homeless man’s daughter $330 in exchange of her not filing a police report against him.

Ren was found guilty of damaging the stranger’s moral integrity, and in addition to his 15 months prison sentence- Ren was ordered to pay a fine of $22,000. Evemore, YouTube has decided to shut Ren’s YouTube channel down for 5 years. A judge found that Ren’s actions damaged the homeless man’s moral integrity. Ren has 1 million YouTube subscribers. Despite their being video of his prank, Ren through a statement said to his fans:

Do not believe anything the newspapers say. They are not completely wrong, but they make things up to make people look bad.

From Fox News:

The YouTuber raked in $2,475 from advertisers for the Oreo prank videos alone, a fact that judge Rosa Aragonés said showed “this was not an isolated act,” as he has posted other videos displaying “cruel behaviors” towards “easy or vulnerable victims,” in the past.

Ren most likely will not do any prison time due to Ren being a first time offender. Spanish law are known to waive prison sentence for first time offenders.

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