Confronting A Stinky Work Colleague

Smelly Co-Worker

My work colleague stinks, and has been wreaking of a skunk like body odor for days, and I am pushing to confront him about the issue. I know though that we live in a world that has increased in sensitivity, so it makes it more difficult for me to say the honest truth to this person. But, I know I will have to because I cannot take the smell anymore.

It all begun two mornings ago when I stepped into the office, and felt like I just walked into a wall. But, this wall was one in the force of a skunk like smell. As my work colleague got up and began walking- the strong stench wreaking off his body followed him like a protective radioactive weapon.

The smell was enough to give me a mild headache. It was enough for me to feel embarrassed from the stench coming off of my colleague before clients. He after all is a representation of the company, and again- is my colleague after all. Four days in and he is still smelling like in was playing in the grass with a skunk. I feel it is time I speak to him about his body odor.

Thoughts? What would you do, speak or don’t speak on the issue with the offender ?