Ever Wonder How Much It Cost To Finance A Tesla Model X ?


Tesla’s Model X is $112,000, so how is it that the futuristic family style van is so common to see on the roads. Oh, I should mention that $112,000 price tag is just for the entry level Tesla Model X. Their Model X Plaid is $130,000. I focused my pretend purchase on the $112,000 Model X price tag.

I was shocked to see three of the Tesla Model X in the same lane on the same road I was driving, and I see at least half a dozen each day on the road. I know there are not that many well off people to buy a car that is close to the cost of a home in some state or countries, so how are these people affording the Tesla Model X I wondered. Even under financing, the cost per month would be crazy given the $156,000 price tag, and that is even before taxes.

So, I checked this out as if I was going to buy myself a Tesla Model X. As expected, the cost per month to own this car if you don’t have the $112,000 cash to purchase the car is staggering. On a 72 month loan agreement, a down-payment is sought by the dealer in the sum of $7,500 as down-payment.

You might be able to get away with no down-payment- but why would you do that. Cost of financing would just be higher. Placing that $7,500 down would see you paying $1,925 a month for 72 months. A large down payment at around $110,000 would see you paying $910 a month for a model X, which is the best equip for a family or hauling people.

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