Here Is What Really Happens When You Fast

what happens when you fast

This month is the time of fasting for Muslims called Ramadan. Anyone that is healthy and clear minded is expected to fast. Essentially no eating nor drinking liquids during the day. Fasting ends at each day at 8:00pm in the early beginnings as the fasting begins, and then as the 15th day mark approaches then the fasting each day ends at 9:00pm.

Breaking it down even more, from sunrise to sunset is when fasting occurs and ends. There are health benefits to fasting that is you are detoxing the body of toxins. There are many people who come out of fasting feeling fresh physically. However, fasting can result in a medical emergency for those must eat during the day in regards to medical issues.

Then there are some people who don’t have medical issues, but the body just cannot bare going many hours without food or water. There has been cases of people fainting and even worse…having to be hospitalized due to fasting. Follow doctors orders, know your body and be fair to your loved one(s) who will no doubt fast the stress of any medical issues who may go through as a result of fasting. See the video below on the results of fasting

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