It’s Summer Time, So Be Ready For The Men Bothering You

Ladies, summer time is here, and I know you all like to have that relaxed look in your skirts, tights, tank tops and sandals with your hair blowing in wind. So, be prepared for those horny men out there harassing you and other women. Many men today have changed their way of approach onto women. Yes, they are more aggressive.

But, what is being talked about here is that they don’t know how to talk to women, and they don’t have taste. Yes, when it comes to women, men today are not hitting on you based on you being their taste, most of the time. You’re  a woman, therefore you have a vajaja, so that is all men care about. Yes, the behavior of a dog, but many men have long been dogs.

Jumping from one women to another even when they have a good one in their life. In the summer time- men are known to be more aggressive in their approach to women. They drive around street blocks in search of women. Honking at women. They feel that having a nice car talks in landing them a woman. And, in reality this holds true in that some women’s standards are low to the point of materialistic things, and not to the heart and intention of the person. A good man today is like winning the lottery. Despite the sadness of men today- there are still good men out there, but the reality- very few. I had a friend tell me this:

What the hell is happening: there are no good man out there. They are like parking spaces. All the good ones are taken.

Keeping yourself a safe from the dogs means a sense of vigilance on your part and preemptive actions. Don’ position yourself in areas that you know all men just hang out all day long. You will be harassed. If you are being followed by someone, confront that person politely and firmly telling the person to stop in the open area around others. Don’t walk in dark alley ways or alone late at night. Don’t walk in low traffic areas alone. And, never approach a man’s car or step into the car of a man offering you a ride. That’s your daily safety guide.