Oprah And Gayle Provide Many Of The Answers To The Questions You May Have

Oprah sat down with her bestie Gayle King, and provided answers to many of the questions you may have. Sometimes a situation just drops in our laps, before your eyes and you debate back and forth on how you should deal with it. Some situations are best to be just left alone, but some should be dealt with. You may have been in one or two of these circumstances, and let it go or dealt with. Now you can hear from Oprah and Gayle on how to deal with those future issues.

The topics of friendship, cheating and relationships are tackled. Oprah tackled how she and Gayle have remained friends for decades. The billionaire mogul says that her and Gayle are both happy with their lives. She goes on to say that you want to have friends that is really, really, really happy for your accomplishments and feel great about. And, don’t feel like your accomplishments is taking anything away form them.

Oprah closes it off in saying to have a happy life you gotta have people in it to support you. People who are genuinely happy for you. She wraps it in saying a frenemy(someone who remains friends with someone even though their is a dislike for the other) and force friendships are just not worth it.