Rihanna Touches On Growing Up Not Believing Sunscreen Was For Her As A Black Person

Rihanna sunscreen line

Rihanna now 32 years old has a sunscreen product out there in case you didn’t know, and she is pushing it hard. The pop singer turned cosmetic guru as she touches down on her sunscreen line reflects on a time as an island girl used to hearing that sunscreen is not for black people but rather tourist(white people).

Rihanna’s comments touches home with me as I took coming from a small island also used to hear this. As a matter of fact, I used to get laughed at when I would put on sunscreen while on the island. Island natives have believed that sunscreen is for the sensitive skin of white people.  Here is Rihanna speaking on her own experience growing up on the island revealing was thought about sunscreen wearing:

Growing up on an island, you’re exposed to the sun every day. So you always thought that SPF was a tourist thing, and especially not for Black people.

And if you are one to think that when its dim outside that the sun is not present…Rihanna will have you think again about that sunscreen wearing. She says:

“Whether it’s hot or a gray, winter cold day, those UV rays are always out. I think the biggest misconception with SPF, in particular, is that Black people don’t need it. And as a woman of color, I am here to say that’s a lie. We need it and we need it every day.”

And in recognizing the sensitivity of a black woman’s skin which may connect to what you are going through…Rihanna touched on her own facial experience in saying:

I’m a woman of color. and I  have a lot of sensitivity in a lot of areas on my face. So, I get really picky with products, and a lot of time I get scared and cautious.

And if you have time…watch Rihanna’s nightly routine for that good skin you are trying to achieve: