Selena Gomez Boldly Admits All Her Ex-Boyfriends Believes She Is Crazy

Selena Gomez and beauty Guru

Well, this is not good.  Something must be wrong with Selena Gomez for all her ex-boyfriends to think she is crazy. Despite saying that having a man is not on her list of interest…Selena does admit that during the Coronavirus pandemic it is difficult in not having a man, but that will not make her let loose.

Its well known that boredom during COVID-19 is being passed by many with a whole lot of sex, which has sent a spike in pregnancies. Selena made sure to mention that just because she says its difficult without a man during the pandemic- this doesn’t means she needs you horny men hitting her up.

In a virtual chat with YouTube influencer NikkieTutorial, 28 years old Selena giggled that she would never get married. Selena speaking to the Youtube Star reveals:

It’s just funny, because I release things that say ‘I want a boyfriend’ and stuff, and people say that, and I’m like ‘No, I didn’t mean that.’ Guys are a lot of work.

Every one of my exes think I’m crazy, so I don’t care.

It’s amazing how make-up really changes the true beauty of someone to an completely different person. It surely can be deceiving to the everyday man in a before and after effect. Check out Selena Gomez before make-up and after she cakes it on below.