Signs You May Have Some Bad, Fake Friends


Friends. They can kill you, or set you up to be killed or even in some cases set you up to be raped or sexually assaulted. Sounds extreme but this is the reality. Jealously is a powerful thing, and it so strongly exist.That so called friend you have can be jealous of everything you have, and often in competition to have what you have. Making friends is not difficult for most. It comes as a breeze for most people to build a friendship relationship with others. Anyone can amass a high volume of friends in the hundreds even thousands.

You may even be one of those people, but have you ever asked yourself of how many of those friends you have are genuine. Are they there for you with no hidden agenda and just want to see you excel and be happy in life?  There are so many bad people out there in our world more than there are good people. Unfortunately, this is the reality. The bad people outnumber the good people in our world.

The thought of this topic came to me as I am really more and more with sadness that there are just not that many good people in our world. Yes, I have known this for sometime. But, still I remain hopeful, but consistently am left disappointed as to how many people are for themselves. In case you are one slow to come to realization that you have a bad friend in your life. Here are some keys which may allow you to detect bad friends in your life. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate you have a bad friend:

Number one: The friendship is totally one sided. You are always the one calling and checking in on that friend. And, when you call her she is never there to answer the phone. Then, she never makes attempts to physically see you, but rather ask you all the time to make the trip to see her.

Two: She only criticizes your relationship with the guy in your life. Wants you to be more like her in living in the moment of life that she is currently living in which is single, sad, drinking and partying. She tells you not to give a crap about the opinions of your boyfriend or husband. In the end the man leaves you based on advice you took from your girlfriend.

Three: You spend a whole lot of time listening to their life problems, and never have time to listen you. And, when they do listen- they are giving you quick fixes to your problem only to go back to talking about their problems.

Four: They put you down or making fun of you in front of others. They are constantly criticizing specifics parts of your body.

Five: And, lastly- that person you call your friend often are not happy for good things happening in your life whether that be with the man you have or with new additions to your life. She is always criticizing what is a success for you.

Friends are not about quantity….its about quality. It’s time you determine what kind of friend you have in your life.