Signs Your Girlfriend Or Female Counter-Part Are Jealous Of Your Life

Our world is filled with jealously. Jealously can be extremely dangerous. You must be vigilant as soon as you spot this, and it would be wise to detect the jealously levels within those who are close to you. We all have some levels of jealously in us that is more envy than anything else. But, there are also many people with heightened levels of jealously reaching the danger zone, which means they can be tempted to do the unthinkable by the devil within them. You are often asked when you are going to have a baby, and told you should have a baby. Things jealous people, more typically your girlfriends or even sisters will say to you:

1.You’re told not to wear tights or a certain dress repeatedly, and when you do you’re criticized by your so called friend. However, you are getting overwhelming positive response to those same tights and dress you wear.

2. You are repeatedly told that you need a man, and that you need to get a man, and your so called friend or friends keep introducing you to men.

3. You are told your home is too expensive for you, and you are pressured by your so called friends to move into a less than decent place.

4. Telling you to the dump the man you are with, but then trying to get that same man for themselves

5. They criticize everything in your home as if they live there. And, they criticism is not equal to compliments.

When people have to deal with their own responsibilities from the decision they have made in their life, and they see the lack of freedom and stress-they will try to burden you to also have their stress. Why? because they are jealous of your stress-less, free life that allows you with much time to spend on your self in a relaxed manner.

People living a chaotic life often try to get someone in the mix with them to also live the same chaotic life as them. This allows the jealous person to feel good about their life to bring someone else down to their level of misery.