What Does Love Really Mean ?

Couple hugging

No, this message is not for anyone other than my thoughts on seeing what is happening around me. I say this as when I wrote a post days ago- a friend contacted me believing the post I had written was about her. My personal post are based off of what I see is happening around me, and is not linked to my personal life unless I indicated it as so within the post. Love. It is so easy to say by many, but the actions are often readily not  there. Saying to that special person that you love him or her is the easiest thing you can do, but to display it through action is another thing.

It’s not the the word “I love you” which leaves someone feeling that you deeply care about him or her…it’s the action. Infidelity, dishonesty, physical abuse, emotional abuse, rape, or stealing onto the person you say you love in reality is not love. Rather these behaviors are that of someone that is totally in their own feelings, and what is important to them of a moment.

It’s not a competition in who  says I love you first. Frequent expression of love through words doesn’t make a person better than one who hasn’t said or who doesn’t say it as often. Again, love is more of an action not words. Actions are what touches people as it builds memories, not a word. It’s actions which allow one to feel safe, and deeply important to someone. Not words.

Expression of love also has to do with timing, and its genuine expression. You often get one saying I love you to the other when things are going great. You often get one saying I love you during a series of intimate encounters. This is not love. This is someone caught in a good feeling mode. Expression of love to that  significant other or friend is an in-depth thought and feeling. Love is what blocks one from cheating, stealing, and saying disrespectful things that can end a relationship.

If you often find yourself in a situation where you say or do things which places you at a high risk of losing that person…then most likely you have not yet developed love for that person. Because, the expression of love for that special someone will block you from continually placing yourself in a position to lose that that person whom you say you love. Next time you think of the word love. Think of history of our world. Was it built on words or actions?  Words are easy to say. Putting things into action is another thing.