Why Women Are Pushing You To Have A Man And Babies

You need to have a baby. When are you going to get a man. You cannot be alone. How long are you going to be single for? This is a message you have probably heard one too many times in your life by that person who has a partner and kids. You may be the culprit that is reading this post right now that is guilty of pushing your friend to have babies, get married or to get a man. The question is why? Did you friend voice disappointment of her life indicating that she needs what you are suggesting? It’s always often always couples and those who have procreated telling us we need to get a partner and have babies.

Babies And Man Push Onto You By Friend

It’s mind boggling that these same people who have kids and a partner claiming to be happy would focus so much of their energy in telling you to find a man and have babies. All because they say they are concerned with you being alone. Concerned? Did you ever tell that friend you are lonely, and NEED a man, and NEED kids to fulfill your life. I don’t know about you, but if I have kids and I am with a good partner…I would be focused on those relationships. Not other people. Women are the main culprits in pushing another woman into getting a man and having kids.

This is rarely a subject of men. Women display their jealously in many ways over a lengthy period of time. Having a partner is a responsibility. Constant communication in understanding the next person’s mindset, along with expectations of that partner. Dealing with situations such as money problems, family problems, sex, outside influences, and wondering eyes is the reality of tension in relationships.

Why Women Push Other Women Into Having Babies

Not everyone is built right away for the circumstances in a relationship. When it comes to having a child, as much as one may love babies and kids- this is a HUGE responsibility one should be ready for. Get ready to sacrifice shoes you may want for yourself, but cannot afford it so you buy for your child. Get ready to be at home when you want to go out. Then there is the gift of constant whining and crying in the home not allowing you to as easily to rest your mind like once before. One needs to be ready mentally and physically before having a child. You cannot push another person into having a child. Can you feel their sense of readiness from their internal emotions of what she is going through?

Challenges Of Having A Baby

Are you going to be there for her financially when she experience difficult circumstances? Are you going to be there for her constantly when she experiences emotional difficulty from having a baby ? Let me guess, no right? Because you have your life. So then leave your friend alone into living her life as she sees fit. Stop pushing her into having a baby. All because you are not happy with your life, so therefore, you want your friend to experience the challenges you are going through. All because you cannot stand seeing your friend having a relaxed lifestyle with no drama.

If you love your friend. Let her be happy by not pushing her to get a man or have babies. Trust me, she already knows what to do if she desires a man and babies. Babies nor a man is going out of style. It’s not fashion. They both will always be there. Cool your bridges, and watch your life. If you are happy with your life- you would not focus your energy on having your friend get a man and have babies.

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