Buju Banton Drops The Reality In Jamaica With “Steppa”

Buju Banton on Steppa music video

Jamaica is one of the highest crime rated country in the world, and Buju Banton knows this. Going to Jamaica you must know where you are stepping. Just being in the wrong place can get you killed with no questions. Some regions within the nation requires one needing someone who is from that are or have connections to the specific region in order to walk or drive through the neighborhood.

It’s well known that in Jamaica it is easily to get killed over the simplest things. Being disrespectful is one of the easiest ways for one to get killed in Jamaica. As disrespecting one is a problem in any nation- in Jamaica this action can quickly escalate things to death.

The high crime rate, and continued, consistent gun violence has clearly been a touching subject for Buju. The reggae artist latest track, Steppa gives the reality of the violence in Jamaica. He encourages ways in lyrics for one to do better with their lives, and dropping guns.

Having said all that- Jamaica authorities have been working over-time to squash the high rate in violence plaguing the nation for decades. Jamaica is a beautiful country to visit, and having a great time their on vacation is possible with extra precautionary measures in place.