Lil Nas X Shocks And Awe The Mass With Over-The-Top Music Video

Industry Baby With Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X got the blood boiling of parents who were disgusted with the gay rapper’s latest shock and awe stunt with his provocative music video. The rapper released the video for his Industry Baby track making no mistake about his sexual orientation. Warning! your children will have a lot of questions for you after watching Industry Baby.

Shockingly, as of right now  the video views for Industry Baby sits at 5 million- there is easy access for your kids, nieces and nephews to watch the video.

They will be blocked and ask for proof of age(maturity) if they try to view a video of a clothed Blac Chyna in a strip club shaking her a** and doing a split though. Lil Nas in video of Industry Baby with gay black men naked and twerking appear to be just fine with Google. The gay rapper did give a warning to parents before releasing Industry Baby saying:

saying this in advance so y’all won’t blame me. THE ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!”

And even when a parent inquired about a cleaner version of Industry Baby- the gay rapper responded in saying:

bless ur 2 year olds heart but i need to be a slut sometimes.

Ignorant and immature much.

Kanye West is said to be the producer on Industry Baby. Parents complain as well as the public with Lil Nas X’s over-the-top x rated and inappropriate performances onstage and in his music videos. All everyone who doesn’t agree with the gay rapper’s antics has to do is not tune in. The power is in their hands.

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