Mya’s Wedding Dress Get-Up Had Everybody All Digging About Her Big Day


Remember Mya? As beautiful as she is and may have 1,000 men outside waiting for her…she cannot find that good man. The scramble began when Mya shot up a photo of herself online wearing a wedding dress. Many began searching who the lucky man is to wed Mya, and when the two met and for how long they have been together. Watch Mya in a flashback performance below:


Mya is surely grasping the skills of what it is to be a good promoter of a product. The singer was not married as many thought she was. After a little digging from the surface, it was clear that Mya’s wedding dress is all related to a music track, The Truth(Below).

Sadly though…Mya’s promotional stunt didn’t even crack a million views on her video.

Despite being a beauty, it’s proof to show that beauty cannot always buy success. With string of failed relationships, Mya is right to love herself and what is so wrong in marrying herself. Thoughts ?

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