Selena Gomez Is All Grown Up: ” Look At Her Now” Tune Displays The Assets

Selena Gomez is all grown up if you haven’t seen her lately. She is well past the days of Justin Bieber. There is nothing Selena can do about the baby face look she will have forever, but she is doing everything to execute the sexuality of sex.

Sex sells, and it’s a no brainier. A lot of horny men out there, and a lot of females out there who are always looking for the attention of those guys know what to do to get it. It can end badly- but females continue to take a gamble at attracting those ignorant, arrogant men who talk with their dildo instead of their brain.

Anyways- what are we talking about here…oh yeah…sex being the best seller out there. The biggest female entertainers out there couldn’t sing for their life- but they are the biggest artist in the world all because they fit that right mold for public consumption. 27 years old Selena Gomez appears to understand very well how to garner public attention. Check her out in Look At Her Now below…