Vybz Kartel New Music And Music Video Release While He Is Prison Serviving Life Sentence

Vybz Kartel is in prison serving a 35 year prison sentence, and is not set to be eligible for parole until he serves the minimum of 35 years. You would never know Kartel is locked away due to the rate in which he is releasing music. A ruling came down on Kartel by a Jamaican court giving him a hard sentence of 35 years in prison for the killing of a Clive Williams.

The evidence presented in court was that Kartel gave an order to his associates to kill Williams over stolen guns. Williams’ body was never discovered. It’s said that the body was chopped up into pieces and tossed at an unknown location to Jamaican police. Kartel has always said that he is innocent, and has since filed n appeal.

The process is still ongoing as Kartel is still waiting for a response on his appeal. It’s amazing how Kartel can find inspiration and motivation to make music while in prison locked up for life. Before you rush to watch the new Kartel music below…know that this is not work or school friendly, lyrically or visually.Lot of skimpy clothing and grinding.

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