Alligator Attacks Zoo Keeper; Brave Visitor Jumps In For Help

alligator and woman's hand

When are human beings going to understand that they cannot coax animals to be civilized. It is a question I keep asking along with what is wrong with white folks. Animal attacks which can be avoided are often happening to white folks trying to be social with them. A female zoo keeper at Tails reptile centre in West Valley City, Utah hand was minutes away from being the gator’s lunch until she was helped out of her mess.

A man visiting the zoo quickly leaped into action by jumping into the tank on the  alligator’s back to help work the woman’s hand of the animals mouth. The man yelled for more help from zoo officials as the alligator tossed him and the woman around like light-weights. As the woman was able to wiggle her hands out of the alligator’s mouth with the assistance of the man on-top of the gator, and an apparent zoo official pulling her out of the tank- the woman then coached the man how to escape the gator’s tank without a scratch. Check out the chilling video below…

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