Anderson Cooper Moved To Tears Over Cornel West Words

Anderson Cooper and Cornel West

Racism has always been here in America, and the ongoing debate in the spark of hate, and crime as a result has been blamed on President Donald Trump’s ignorance. It’s long been agreed on by many that  Trump’s election as President has allowed many who are racist to now feel more comfortable publicly in displaying their racist ways. Displaying hate, and the high rate in killing of black people by police and the mysterious hangings of black men prompted protest for justice across the country.

Cornel West, a known face on CNN’s Anderson’s Cooper’s 360 provided some deep words on the racial injustice happening within America- and the words of power touched Anderson so much he could not hold back tears. West quickly assured Anderson that it’s okay to cry. Telling him that his tears are from his emotions of care. Watch the touching video below…