Arizona Police Shoot Unarmed, Standing Still Black Man With Bean Bags Repeatedly

Unarmed black man shot before children by police

Reportedly Mesa- Arizona police were serving out a warrant on Lorenzo Jones as a disturbing take down of him was caught on video. An unarmed Jones before the mother of his children was shot at repeatedly with bean bags despite being unarmed and non-threatening. Jones held his hands up and open showing police he is not a danger.

That was not enough for police. Jones seemingly didn’t go down to the ground fast enough for the police demands. So, he was shot with bean bags that caused him to go down to the ground in pain. And, as if that was not enough- while he laid on the ground in pain- Jones was repeatedly shot by police with bean bags. It was a scene that would leave anyone in shock. Arizona police shot Jones as if he was a test dummy. From Fox 10 Phoenix:

Mesa Police officials say Jones was wanted for 2 alleged aggravated assault on a child and alleged aggravated assault on a police officer.

On July 12, Jones was released on $5,000 bond. The next day, however, Jones did not show up for a status conference, and a judge issued a bench warrant.

Mesa Police officials say they received information that Jones had a handgun, so officers wrote a search warrant relating to the aggravated assault case, as well as for misconduct involving weapons, and that’s what police say they were conducting at the time of the incident.

It was clear in the video that Jones had no gun in his hands. So, it is unclear why he was being shot repeatedly with bean bags. Even as he laid on the ground. In addition to an unarmed Jones with his hands up being shot with bean bags as he turned away from his children to speak to police is the fact of cops firing shots in close proximity of the children and mother.

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