Can We Stop Saying Face Mask Don’t Work!

face mask wearing

With the Coronavirus raging through cities and countries ending the lives of many in the process- and no vaccine to combat the disease continue to lack…questions surround mask wearing still looms. I am no scientist, but I find it difficult to believe that wearing a mask doesn’t help prevent the Coronavirus. The talk is that Coronavirus can get into one’s eyes as well as through the nostrils and mouth.

So, what is wrong with one protecting their mouths and nostrils with the mask. If this is indeed a passage where a virus moving through the air can enter one’s body through exposed nasal and mouth passages. There are so many arguments surrounding mask wearing. Don’t wear it. Don’t wear it. It doesn’t nothing. Then, for those arguments…there are the arguments that says wear a face mask…it can save your life.

One thing is for sure, unlike America…Canada has made wearing a face mask a bylaw. You cannot enter any stores or malls without wearing a mask. One not wearing a mask in Canada is quickly frowned upon- and is ask to put one on or leave the store. Canada’s death toll rate from Coronavirus as of when this post is written is 10,074 compared to America’s 220,000. If wearing facial mask don’t work, then why is it that countries or cities implementing this along with social distancing having low death rates? Yes, washing your hands and not touching your face will help to reduce being infected by Coronavirus. But, how can wearing a facial mask not be helpful to the safety to one’s life.

Do you support face mask wearing ?