Canadian Brampton Man Wins $70 Million Dollars Off Lottery

A Canadian man living in the city of Brampton won one of the biggest lottery prize of $70 million dollars in the country’s history of the game. The man, Adlin Lewis has had his more than fair share of luck throughout his life. Several years ago, Lewis won a car. Then, there was a a group draw of prizes at work where Lewis won first and second prizes.

Recognizing how lucky he has been in his life, when it was discovered someone had won the Lotto Max 70 million prize- Lewis colleagues suspected it was him. Questions began circulating of whether Lewis showed up for work. Lewis said:

“When my colleagues found out that the winning $70 million … ticket was sold in Brampton, they were joking at the office ‘Is Adlin here? Did Adlin call in sick today?’” he said.

49 years old Lewis that is married had a difficult time in surprising his wife with the life-changing Lotto prize saying:

“I wanted to tell her in a special way – with a trip or something creative – but I couldn’t keep this news to myself,” he said, “I ended up waking her up in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday and just telling her outright.”

Lewis who is a credit risk manager says that he has been playing the lottery for 20 years. He plans on making sosme investments and enjoying life. As if the $70 million dollar win is not enough for Lewis…he says that with his winnings he now plans on making his wife’s wish come through. How? Well, here is what the credit risk manager said:

My wife has always wanted to try those VIP $100 slots in Las Vegas and now I can make that dream come true for her.

What would you do if you won $70 million dollars off he lottery ?